Monthly Archives: January 2012

We are delighted to have taken on a new designer from January. Matt trained at Bath Spa University, has natural flair of design and is already proving himself to be a valuable asset to Ice House Design.


Ice House Design have been awarded the contract to create a visual identity for Calls in Confidence. An organisation whose raison d’etre is to assist employees and management with grievances and problems with anonymity and sensitivity. The application of the identity will be over print and web.

Okay, so we want to tease out the secure aspect of the business. For the mark we’ve got a couple of interesting c’s there which might be useful and we need to bring in friendliness and approachability with the type. So the names is long; how do we get this to work in a more portrait orientation. And, what colour palette might articulate strength, confidence, professionalism and security whilst being friendly…? Come back in a few weeks.

A great start to the year. Ice House Design have been awarded the creative brief for the brand development of the Bath Preservation Trust (BPT) and its four museums in Bath, No.1 Royal Crescent, Herschel Museum of Astronomy, Building of Bath Collection and Beckford’s Tower. These institutions are of huge interest locally, nationally and internationally. Our job is to create a unified visual identity which articulates the relationship between the BPT and its museums and provide No.1 Royal Crescent with a unique identity which will underpin all communications in print, online and interpretation. Easy to say, less easy to do.

Branding and graphic design

Bath Preservation Trust award Ice House Design with branding and graphic design project, January 2012