Monthly Archives: October 2009

Many of our clients are rightly concerned about the effect their print communication has on the contribution to climate change. In light of this, some clients have sometimes opted for screen based media. We need to be careful about what exactly we are saying though and like most complex problems it is easy to get a distorted view. Print can be damaging and wasteful no question if used without care or thought. But lets try and understand this. A large percentage of paper making does not destroy forests. In Europe (where 94% of the paper we use comes from) the area of forest cover is actually increasing by an area four times the size of London every year*. Forests are an inherently renewable resource and in Europe have grown 30% since 1950. This is only part of the story. There is water usage and transportation to consider as well – and recycled content must be factored into the equation. Like so often with difficult decisions there are many things to consider; at Ice House Design we take a considered, balanced and honest view. Whatever we do it will have an impact on our environment. We aim to maximise this in terms of communication and minimise it in respect of the environment.
*Source : Two sides