Can schools do without printed marketing comms?

Some years ago a client in the independent school sector announced to us that for them ‘print was dead’. Their prospectus and all other marketing communications hence forth would be digital. Certainly, they wanted to take advantage of print and mailing cost savings, storage and associated administration but mostly they wanted to embrace a new... Continue Reading →

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Desktop vs mobile websites

Many organisations we work with, require websites to be aimed primarily at audiences viewing on a desktop machines. Seems fair enough. Desktop still has a greater market share compared to mobile and tablet (57% / 37% / 6%) (statcounter) and a significant proportion of audiences are business users. But is that the whole story? 57% of users say... Continue Reading →

To create cut through with lasting resonance advertising and campaigns need a strong and well thought through concept linked to the core idea of the brand.

An obsession with mark

Paradoxically we have never had so many new business requests for 'a new logo'. In the current communications landscape the single marque itself is having to be reconsidered. Increasingly, there are greater opportunities for the visual identity to be applied but a single, static marque is becoming marginalised. We talk about a brand tapestry where... Continue Reading →

I ❤️ you

We are flattered the National Trust have recently adopted nationally the design we created for one of their sites, Brean. See blog post February 2011.

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