To create cut through with lasting resonance advertising and campaigns need a strong and well thought through concept linked to the core idea of the brand.

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Is trend and fashion important to a school’s brand identity?

No school wants to appear out of touch and oblivious to worldly change. And, no school should. But must they chase the most current modes and trends in colour, typography, pattern and messaging for example? Obviously not. Some schools have existed for hundreds of years and survived precisely because they have maintained their standards, values... Continue Reading →

An obsession with mark

Paradoxically we have never had so many new business requests for 'a new logo'. In the current communications landscape the single marque itself is having to be reconsidered. Increasingly, there are greater opportunities for the visual identity to be applied but a single, static marque is becoming marginalised. We talk about a brand tapestry where... Continue Reading →

I ❤️ you

We are flattered the National Trust have recently adopted nationally the design we created for one of their sites, Brean. See blog post February 2011.

Marketing Communications for Schools

Schools, both independent and state, are having to think more creatively about their branding and marketing communications. Senior leadership are of course conscious of new admissions and retaining pupils – these will alway be important objectives. Increasingly though we have been involved in designing pieces for schools that don't fall directly inline with more traditional promotional comms such as prospectuses. One of... Continue Reading →

Visit Bruton website

Edie Brett and Felix Renicks have developed the Visit Bruton website. A great site concentrating on food, countryside, culture and resting in and around the Bruton area. Worth looking at if your planning a visit to the South Somerset –

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